August 8, 2008

Review Blog Using Google Analytic

If your blog have listing in the Google Search then you may need to analyze the performance of every your blogs. For this purpose you need to Signup to Google Analytic that serve you and give to you about those need data.

First you must log in to your Google account, after login you can see there is Analytic link, you click this link than you must sign up to Google Analytic.

After you signup than you will enter to Google analytic, from here you must enter you blog name to review using this tools like below: Click Add Website Profiles.

After entering your blog url name, you must install the code into your website or blog. If you create in Blogger you intall this code between (body) and (/body) or in the last code before the end of body. After install and save in you HTML web code or HTML blog code, than back again to sign up to Google account and enter to Google analytic, and verify again and click finish button.

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