September 13, 2009

How To Check Possition for Certain Keyword

There are many tools to check your possition using certain keyword for your blog title or site address. Many site also provide for and you can use this tool for free and also you can get by free down load. You can also request from me, by email: I will send you a copy.

This one is an example from people to request in order to increase their site possition:

This site will be very basic looking, and will only be used for myself and a couple friends. No graphics will be needed. Please let me know your thoughts for this project. I am looking to have this done very soon, and have some of the code that is used to check the google position.

I need to increase my Alexa ranking as it is dropping. Also I need to increase my Google position for Indonsian Food. Access Control & Video Surveillance are specific to the my products for sale on the site need traffic as well.

If you have asked like that one, so what will you do?

I my self never check about that one, because google rank is not stable especially for new website or new blog address. Your blog will get a stable position after 2 year old keep in one or two rank of google. But should be remembered the rank possition is not guarantee have many trafic, but increase the traffic yes.