November 30, 2009

Setup Adsense Code on Regular Visitors Blog

How to setup of adsense advertising if your blog is visited by visitors regularly, there are some tips for Adsense setup on your blogs.

If your visitor often come back after visited, they usually ignore the advertising that available on your blog, for this condition your blog may will don’t earn money regularly from the visitor, whatever the color of your advertising. You can try to change with the location of your adds, or change the adds color may can make them click the advertising. This condition is different if your visitor always changes or you have unique visitors every time. You just need to setup your adds color, adds placement and you need to update regularly of your blog contains.

If your blog have many advertising other that adsense, you can try to setup of Adsense adds with more interesting colors. By this way you will attract your visitors to click of Adsense adds, you can try with striking colors of adsense adds.

To make sure that your adds is interesting you can try to place yourself as the readers and see if your adds is interesting to be click. You can feel, if you will read your adds or even you will ignore that adds and try to read other.

For this purpose you can try with image adds, may will make more impress of your advertising compare with other image that available on your blog.