June 8, 2010

Advertising Building

We are creating of many article that is published on the internet, even everyday we are write something to be published. Some people then will see and reading your article, many of them is not interested to your article and soon they will go to other website. They can use of your link to go or they use your web search machine if available on your site. This one also the trick of many people to have many website address that there are no contains, some people also using email directly go to your search but this one is forbidden by Google Adsense rule if you use this.

We are building, create something on internet and we are spreading the article and some of them is open by peoples, some those people will click your advertising and you paid for it. More article you write on the internet also more possibility your article will read by many people. Everyday, continuous on. The important thing is your articles still exist on the internet and people can find your article. Better if they can find your article through search engine like Google and Yahoo, from this search engine more people will open and read your articles.

The possibility of every your article will read by peoples are how many you have article that can search directly through Google search engine or Yahoo search engine. More articles you have so more peoples will read and you will get more click. How to increase the possibility? This one is very-very difficult, so many similar article are written on this internet and so many people will try to duplicate the contain of your blogs and they are won’t stop and work on. People who succeed on the internet they have huge of articles, I ever counted them, more than ten thousand articles they have and also have more than ten thousand link also created to link to those articles. Uhff long job hah….

They seem work everyday to create articles, along the time, along year…. They create on. More day more article they have and more link are created, so more people will see and read their article and more click they got and of course more money they get.

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