June 17, 2010

How to write article in English

Every article can become a source of idea to write, to write something on this media. Its can be innovation but many of them just duplication. I duplicate from others and may you duplicate from me. It’s not a matter, but the important think is, there is always new think, new writing that every body can read. This is the way to write in English.

You have read something short sentence, that may interest you to write more longer story, you can tell to everybody how you can find out that article, how can make you wonder to that story or sentence, there is any worth sentence that make you feel different. You may become realize of what happening last time or you just face it. Like in a short story below:

There is a sea diver in Ambon sea completed with scuba diving suddenly surprising by amazing scene just in the front of him. Native person is swimming and dive in the same depth with him but without diving equipment at all but his pant. “Wow …. Goodness, it’s a miracle? How could it be?” he ask to himself, then he go to close him and want ask to him about his ability. Then he write on the waterproof pen and paper to ask him, “What a hell are U doing here?” and give him that pen and paper to the native person. He answers hurry by writing on that paper, “Stupid question! I am drowning! Help me, pls! or I am gonna die” …. Hupph,.. glk… glk … glk….

The message of that story: You sometime think that the others look very great but sometime do not like as you think, like on the above story.
You can write anything that can be enjoyed by others, something interest others. We don’t know what can make other interest, so sometime we can change the content. Sometime a serious matter, but sometime just a joke one. We have many communities on this word so we always have fans, a different fans of every sheet. It’s OK…