June 17, 2010

Link to Your Site

You can create link to your site and after you check by Google search engine, you may just find a few link available even no link at all. To find link to your site you can use keyword link: and then click search. For example to find how much external link to this site address, you can write link: and then click search. The list shows are web pages that have links pointing to the home page. On writing the keyword on google search engine should be no space between the “link” and the web page URL.

The other way to find out page links to your site and you will get more page address that link to your site you can go to Webmaster tools under your Google account.
  1. Go to my account and you can find webmaster tools, if have not create yet, you can create this tool from there, but your new tool will work for about 2 days after create. 
  2. On the Webmaster Tools Home page, click the site you want. Under your site on the Web, click Links to your site.
This table not shows all of pages that link to your site, Google said this is normal, but why this can happen I still don’t sure. May be the page shown here just the site that still alive, mean the page still have many visitor or the link often click through this page. If the link is not function properly or like die, there are no visitor come through this link this mean that this link will no worth anymore or not counted by Google. Just if someday there are many visitor come through this link, Google will count again this link.