June 22, 2010

How The Quality Link Can Stay For Long

As my experience just few link can stay for long time as a link to your site are counted by Google index machine. SEO changes all the time as search engine make adjustments to their algorithms and user interfaces. Google also will send a notification about your spammy link have created or even block your blog for a while until you request to open you’re the block.

The other way to get more availability on search engine, you should more involved with the community, interact with other and give a link to them in order can touch your page. More link visit by your community, more exist your page availability on search engine.

Some tips content or create content that solved problems for users, things like tutorials, video and tools, surveys, research results, etc. Your visitor will like to read your content and they may pass it on. Google also noted that humor that content link to your site will count in short time, after that your site will back to the last time.

So link building strategy actually is a long term effort and will exist more long.  Your content is the key and should make them make your website or blog as their reference every time communicate with others that need of certain information about something related to your page content.

As my observes content like this one also will stand for short time, because there are many other clue or news that talk about quality of the link and how to build a long term availability and many other article like this one will write over and over again. Google will read a writing like this one hundred even thousand time per day, and Google engine will repeated of word and sentence in the same way, so Google index machine will grouping in the same category together with other thousands articles. So where is your article stay. Google index machine will not discriminate of every article with the similar content, and they will place your article with just the last date will place on the top search engine. But another similar article will merge, and Google will shift your article to the ground shift and shift on and on.

I still uncertain, that to give a share tool will make visitor share your article into ther facebook, msn or twitter account, but I give you an easy way without adding tools on this article, to share this article into your facebook, msn, or twitter account, just right-click on your mouse and choose share then you can find many option there: twitter, facebook or msn, after you choose you must enter your account name and password. No need of additional tools.