July 6, 2010

Adsense Earning Formula

What is your Adsense earning per month? I just survey to many website owner and they usually tell about how many visitor to their website. They also tell us about their earning about per month. You may also want to predict and calculate your Adsense earning, and this calculation still valid if implemented to my site.

They said that they have about 1 million visitor per month and they get about US 3,000 per month. This can be a rough base for calculate your monthly earning, you can try to calculate still follow this base earning or not.

As an example of this calculation can see on the below:

Number of visitor per month:. 1,000,000 visitor
Adsense Earning:…….USD….....3,000

If your site have visitor about 500 visitor per day, so you have totally about 15,000 visitor. You can calculate your Adsense earning by easy comparison mathematic formula:

Your Earning = 15,000 / 1,000,000 x USD 3,000 = USD 45 per month.

You can review your site, if this comparison calculation valid to your Adsense earning? This formula is rough prediction, if there is different about US 5 to US 25, I think just small deviation if compare to your earning for example US 1000, but if your earning still around US 100, there is big deviation, compare to your earning. Please also tell me about this calculation if applied to your site. I myself still valid by using this calculation prediction. What about you? Please tell me….