August 1, 2010

Facebook As Marketing Media

Facebook become web server that provide for people create a connection each others and often time the peoples who connect are business relation. People just have small certain business with qualified product can have huge order from facebook connection. Like my friend have build a mushroom business just for 6 months they can product a Tiram mushroom. First time they business they just buy of this mushroom for about 5000 mushroom log to produce tiram mushroom. But after 3 months they can produce log by themselves and success to produce mushroom and get benefit from this own seed. After that they cultivate their own seed for 15000 log and get benefit from this mushroom seed. Not long from this seed production they get order from many local customers that by seed from my friend from 500 to about 1000 log seed.

My frind then become a facebook member to make a relation with customer from out of city like from Jakarta, Purwokerto and Jogjakarta that also exist this mushroom on their city. Not long from that connection on facebook they get order this mushroom log seed from facebook connection from 2500 to 50000 log seed per order. The hug number of order for new businessman. So this why facebook become more prefer by people, because they can easily have big order from their connection on facebook. Facebook become a difficult competitor of Google and Blogger because facebook can make a real benefit for their member to make high income for them but Google may just give a small benefit to their member like Adsense. To overcome this straight competition, Google also should think more, how to give high revenue for their customer on blogger and Google. If don’t change their strategy Google can’t compete with facebook anymore for the next future. Google also should be able to give of free domain for their customer who really gives them a benefit and their blogger is not difficult to make a payment and so on.