October 10, 2010

Adsense Earning Being Harder

There seems to be no doubt that AdSense earning is getting harder. One issue is that Google is now giving advertisers much more data about where their ads are and how they are performing.

As a heavy AdWords advertiser I can now see exactly which web pages in the AdSense network are generating profitable traffic for my clients and which are not.

I then react to this data by stopping my clients' ads from appearing on poor quality web pages or those pages that are just not relevant enough.

As a publisher, it's your job to provide good quality content on your site so that advertisers get high quality traffic and one way to do this is to write articles that are going to educate visitors into seeing the value of products and services that get advertised on your site.

If you don't do this you may well find that the number of advertisers competing to advertise on your site drops. You may also find that advertisers reduce the amount they are willing to pay per click.

Result: reduced AdSense income. Perhaps you've been experiencing this yourself!

But many people find the process of writing content much harder than they should which stops them building their sites out. This keeps their income low.

If you do write more articles on your site you will get several benefits:
  1. More free search engine traffic - because each article will attract different searches.
  2. More space for AdSense ads
  3. More interest from your readers which will keep them on your site for longer. This in turn will expose them to more ads and there will be a higher likelihood of them clicking an ad.
  4. A higher quality site which will help with search engine ranking.