March 26, 2011

Success Story of Blogging

I got a letter from Yaroo Starak that tell me about the successful of blogging. I don't advise if you should believe to this letter 100% percent but if you think this is right you can follow.

From: Yaroo Starak:
Alborz Fallah is a poster child for what is possible with just one blog. He was one of the very first people I taught that from blogging techniques to and he is BY FAR the most successful student who has ever taken my training.

In 2008, Alborz's blog was independently valued at $5.9 MILLION dollars, he has a team of full time writers producing content and he gets to drive expensive cars, which he then writes about in his blog, and it all started with a computer in his bedroom.

This is an amazing story and a fantastic interview because Alborz doesn't hold anything back. I ask him how he did it and he explains the journey from the beginning up to today, where he is the owner of a million dollar blog. I promise you, this will be one of the best podcasts you have ever listened to, so go download it now.

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