April 19, 2011

Affiliate Marketing

Many blogger get their income from affiliate marketing but this business I still don’t make too much to make money from internet. Like with google adsense we can also use Amazon associate to make other money source. It's sort of like affiliate marketing, but instead of having to sell other companies products, you just give away their freebie stuff.

For example you might remember the "get a f-ree iPod" campaign that was quite prevalent online a few years back. That was an example of this system.

Leslie made $31,000+ in 2008 thanks to freebie trading and his blog. He also happens to have studied every single coaching program I've released so far, so it's fair to say he's benefited from my training.

What's amazing about Leslie's story is he does all his online activities AND works a full time job as a teacher. Teachers are known as hard workers and often take work home, things like marking papers, etc.

This is true proof that you can work a full time job and work after hours on your online business and get tremendous results. I'm pretty sure Leslie is thinking about quitting his job pretty soon too, especially if his income continues along the same trendline.

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  1. I found interesting information from your Blog. If you’re willing to put in the hard work and give time to grow your affiliate marketing business, then there’s no way that you cannot succeed.


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