May 10, 2011

Link Building

I just read about Link Building in, and here is the summary of link building.

Link building recommend to copy and paste of your blog to other blog. But this blog may become the victim of Google sand box because of the obligation and rule on how blog will well-known on the internet. Copy paste will sacrifice of your blog into the unreliable blog, so search engine will not recognize your blog anymore and don’t want to browse over your blog.

So you must be careful of this program, because if your blog become not recognize again by search engine, so you will not have blog that available in search engine, consequently you will loose your earning, because you can’t write article on your available blog and worse again if your blog become block by Google search, its mean that every time you open your blog, you will get message that this address have been eliminate from internet.


  1. Hi to all, Its really very nice stuff about the link building.Link Building is one of the best methods which help in dominating the Search Engine Rankings. Today all the websites are facing stiff competition to get listed and good link building efforts are the only solution to that. Link Building is highly helpful and boosts the websites rankings in top search engine rankings.Keep posting such a nice post.

  2. Thanks for comment so when we have build many links but after several week or we never create link again, the effect of last link can missing.


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