February 8, 2012

Adsense Problem

Many people asking about Adsense, they ask to everybody who can give them advise about Google Adsense. They asking everything, but the main point is just want to know how to get big income from Adsense. Many advise have been given to them but they still feel difficult because there are many work should to do and they feel hard to do that. They are still asking to someone else if there are simple method to get higher income. 

The question that usually ask are always about:
  • How to drive more visitor to their blog or their website because to make high income impossible if just a few visitor to their website.
  • How to make high income from Adsense
  • How to make high value click on Adsense, because they think they will always get high click value from their Adsense
But they rare ask about how to create interested article in order they get more visitor to their website. This question is never ask by blogger, because they have known that to create interesting articles is not easy, but they must do this. The solution, they just copy and paste from other interesting articles. As a result their article is not interesting anymore because they have read from other blogs. 

Several time they already get about Adsense Earning Formula, but they seem don't really want to know about this formula, they think do not help them, because this is really need hard work, and they feel frustrate of hard work on and on. Actually you just need to create interesting article and for this one you should get actual information about this. You can get this information from your daily life, you just need other skill on how to write in interest way your experience into your blog.

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