October 26, 2008

Be careful to Change Template

You can change every time your template design of your blog on blogger, but you must be careful, because change template can change your rank on Google. You also will loose your monitoring code if you you use of Google Analytic or you have verified your blog by using certain code. Before you change your template design better you copy first all your code that have been applied to your blog, then after you change your template can install again into your new template design.

Your verified code is located on your head and head closed and your google analytic code placed between body and body closed code. To change your template or to find you your code you must login to Blogger then click layout, then click again edit html, inside these codes you can find that code.

You can change your template design but better don't change your blog title or your blog description, because this changes will change of searching code that can make change of your page rank on google. To change title and blog description will change niche word or meta tag of your blog, and search engine will change how to find your blog. So if you have other consideration about this changing its up to you, in the other day your blog may have a better rank with your new meta tag.

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