October 21, 2008

How to Increase AdSense Revenue

As publisher or Blogger or Webmaster like me, want to increase our AdSense Revenue if we are become as AdSense publisher. This hope actually hard to realize, because beside many others Blogger or Webmaster competitor that also want this. We all know that the number of blogger or webmaster in this internet not just million but many billion blogger as publisher as well. As the publisher want that our blog or our web become on the first page of search result when anyone browse with certain kind of word or phrase through the internet browser. Because this is the effective way to get traffic from internet browser. As my experience if we create blog on blogspot and we have traffic for about 1000 visitor a month, we will get AdSense revenue average about $ 2 a day. So if we want to get higher AdSense revenue on our blog we need more traffic that is visited our blog.

As the publisher or blog creator, we don’t know what the kind of niche that is most searches or at least many people search with those word or phrase. For this purpose we must have a long experience and trial for this one. For experienced blogger may need some trial with create many blogs with certain of niche, or if you have some advice for this, I will very grateful for your sharing with us through comment box, may be any simple tools that can check word search per day.

The most 10 word search can be seen in Yahoo but this is also not the best way if you follow this word to become your blog niche or blog meta, because you must compete with billion competitor that use that words. You must findout by your self for your Meta tag blog in order have many visitor can reach your blog.

For getting increase AdSense revenue through your blog, you must have the below criteria on your blog:
  1. Your blog should have a high rank, minimum 3 of google rank, and your blog also become on the first or second page on Yahoo Search for certain search word.
  2. Your must create a sitemap for your blog or web.
  3. Every your page must have income link, either internal link or external link. For this one you can create 3 external links easily by using dig, stumble, or other web service.
  4. You must create for every your blog page have high rank, not just your main blog if your blog can easily reach by visitor. If your blog have Google page rank of 5, then every your blog page have Google rank of 2, this one is very effective.
  5. To realizing your dream you must work hard for this one.

If you have blog with a kind of that criterion, please tell me if your blog don’t have high AdSense revenue, then I will revise for my opinion or delete this article.

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  1. Some publisher said if text only not work can try with image only, because image only still paid through CPM revenue.


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